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Junk Week is over by the close of business day today, Friday, April 28, 2017.  We regret there have been some delays due to staffing issues.  Our Public Works Department was down several people and they weren't able to collect everything that has been put out, but depending on the staffing situation, they have agreed to make one last sweep through town on Monday.  We have been taking your calls and reporting the misses to our Public Works Department so they can collect those things still left out at the curb.  

Please note that our Public Works Department does not work on the weekends and whatever is out at the curb as of 4:00 Friday will not be picked up until Monday.  

The town offers this week as a totally free service to residents.  We know of no other towns that provide this service to its residents and we would like to continue to provide this service to you but it has become increasingly more difficult to manage this program.

More and more people and businesses are abusing what we offer. They are helping themselves to dumping their trash into the bins that the town pays for. People from other towns have come to dump their trash here as well.

We've had to use larger trucks and equipment to collect your items. Those trucks cannot necessarily get into alleys to collect your junk and if they damage your streets, we are liable. For these reasons and many others, the program will likely be modified next year with very strict guidelines that will have to be followed or the program will be eliminated entirely.