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This is a reminder to residents that if you have a "bulky" item that you are disposing of such as an old piece of furniture, broken appliance, mattress, etc., those items have to be scheduled with Signature Waste in order for them to pick it up.

You may call Signature Waste at 704-714-9400 to schedule the pickup directly with them.  Please keep in mind that they are a small company with few employees; sometimes they have meetings and it is necessary for them to put their phones on voicemail.  Simply leave a message for Angela Huskey or Sandra Brubaker with your name, telephone number and item you wish to have picked up and they will call you back to schedule your item. 

There are some items that they cannot pickup as the items are banned from landfills such as TV's, Computers or related electronic equipment. These items can be brought to the Foxhole Recycling Center located at 17131 Lancaster Hwy (704-341-4962).

For more information, especially regarding recycling, please visit: www.WipeOutWaste.com or call 311. The county's website provides a wealth of information regarding recycling and how and where to dispose of hazardous household waste. 

Thank you.