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               JUNK WEEK · April 22nd – 26th                      

It’s that time again to do some spring cleaning and sprucing up.  Maybe go through your closets and drawers or your garage or attic to get rid of old, unwanted items.  Maybe it’s a broken piece of furniture, a grill that no longer works or patio chair you no longer need.  Whatever it is you have that you want to get rid of, this is the week to do it. 

One week during the year, typically in the spring, the Town of Pineville’s Public Works Department rides through town picking up your unwanted items.  This is not a service offered by our trash collection company; this is a service offered free of charge from the town to its residents. So, take advantage of this once a year opportunity to get your JUNK removed.  In order to keep this great opportunity going year after year, we ask that you kindly follow a few simple rules that have been put in place:

·        Minor renovation, flooring and other construction debris is acceptable ONLY if it is a reasonable amount, metal or work posts or planks do not exceed 4 feet in length and all nails or other hazardous items removed or nailed down safely for pickup without injury

·        Absolutely no excrement, bodily fluids or other biohazardous material of any kind will be picked up

·        We can no longer pick up paint or petroleum products of any kind

·        Items must be taken to the curb for pickup; employees are not permitted to go into your house to remove items or move them for you.  Additionally, we do not want to take town trucks into your alleyways so please take your items to the front of the house to be picked up safely and easily

·        Separate glass or other breakable items from any wood, metal, plastic or other products you put out at the curb

·        Town employees have the right to refuse pickup of items they deem unsafe or hazardous

One final sweep of the town will be made the following week to collect whatever was not collected during the week of pickup.  As long as these rules are followed and good, common safety sense is used, this program will continue to run.  We appreciate your cooperation.

Thank you.