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6/26/19 - Today is the last day that Signature Waste will be picking up trash and recycling for the Town of Pineville . Please leave both of your Signature Waste rollout containers at the curb until they come by to collect them.  This may take a few days.  If you still have Signature Waste carts next week, please call Town Hall to arrange removal.

You may begin using the Waste Pro carts with next Wed.'s pickup (7/3/19).  Thank you.


6/19/19 - There are still two weeks left for Signature Waste to pick up trash from Pineville - today and June 26th.  If you want your trash picked up, then be sure your waste is in the Signature Waste rollout containers. If you use the Waste Pro containers now, your trash will not be picked up.  Waste Pro will not start servicing the town until the July 3rd pickup date. 

Attention Pineville Residents:

The Pineville Town Council voted not to renew our solid waste contract with Signature Waste. Effective July 1, 2019 our new solid waste company will be Waste Pro.  

The last pickup by Signature Waste is scheduled for Wednesday, June 26th. Please place both rollout containers at the curb and leave them there until they are picked up by Signature Waste.

As of  June 14, 2019 most residents should have received two new carts from our new service provider, Waste Pro.   They will continue to deliver new carts until all residents have received them.  Please DO NOT start using Waste Pro rollout containers until July.  In the meantime, continue to use your Signature Waste carts until the last pickup in June (26th). At that time, Signature Waste will begin collecting their carts so please leave them at the curb until Signature Waste collects them. 

All the necessary information you need from Waste Pro should be attached to your cart.  However, if you didn't receive their information or have misplaced it, please click here for contact info and a new schedule for trash/recycle pickup. 

  Thank you.