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Cone Mills update:

RCI is continuing to haul off the debris from the demolition of Cone Mills. The debris should be offsite by June 1, 2020 at which time RCI will begin to crush the concrete. The concrete crushing will take about one (1) month to complete. There will be several structures remaining on site. These include the warehouses, water tower, smoke stack, silo, and boiler room.
The remaining house on Dover St. will be burned by the Fire Department on June 13th. The house on Johnston Rd. will be demolished just after June 13th and the debris from this house and Dover St. will be removed.
As you may know the Cone Mills site is considered a Brownfields Site. The Town had to conduct drillings before the concrete slabs were removed to make sure there were not heavy metals or VOCs under the concrete slabs. After tests were done, there were no noticeable heavy metals or VOCs present. This means that the property is safe for development and no more remediation efforts are necessary at this time.