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Work on the water/sewer lines on the Olive St. portion of the project has been completed. Contractors for Charlotte Water are still working, however, on part II of the water/sewer line replacement.  Part II will be replacing lines on Lakeview Dr.  This is expected to take at least another two weeks, depending on weather conditions.  

We understand this is an inconvenience to residents in that area and that the roads, yards, & driveways of some of you have been torn up.  Our Public Works Department is monitoring the project to be sure the contractors are working within town guidelines and fulfill their responsibility of repairing any damages. 

The streets (Olive and Lakeview) will not be paved until the entire project is complete.  Repairs to lawns/driveways will be done as well.  However, this is not a town project and we can only monitor the contractors.  Most Pineville residents water/sewer is provided by the City of Charlotte.  The Town of Pineville does not have a water department, therefore, if you have concerns, you do need to contact Charlotte Water directly @ 704-336-7600 or simply dial 311 if in Mecklenburg County.

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience but it is not an easy task to replace water lines without having to dig, drill, and tear up the ground.  Please be patient.  Thank you. 


Work on the water/sewer lines is expected to begin on August 18th at the intersection of Lakeview and Lynwood Lane. Lakeview Dr. will be blocked to through traffic at times, possible for a week.  Traffic will need to use Lynwood Lane.  Door hangers notifying residents of this project are expected to be hung next week by Charlotte Water employees. The contractor for this project, and the one taking place on Olive/Johnston Dr., is planning to do the final overlay of both projects at the same time. This may cause Olive St. to remain stone for some time before the final overlay.