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Property Taxes

All Town of Pineville property tax is collected by Mecklenburg County Tax Office.

Please call (704) 336-4600 for information or questions regarding your taxes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the current tax rate?
A.  As of July 1, 2020 the rate is  $0.33 / $100 valuation.

Q. I’m looking at purchasing a house for $150,000, what would my annual town property tax levy be on this amount?
A. The town property tax rate is .33 per $100 valuation. On a $150,000 house, the annual levy would be $495.00.

Q.When are tax bills due?
A. September 1, however, bills are not delinquent until after January 5 of the following year. 

Tax bills are distributed and collected by Mecklenburg County.  Tax records are stored at the County level and any questions pertaining to your tax bill should be directed to the Mecklenburg County Tax Collector's Office.

Q. Do you have an after-hour depository & drive-thru for payments?
A. Currently, we have a depository for utility (telephone & electric) payments located at the Pineville Communications & Electric Bldg. located at 118 College St. next to the Pineville Post Office.