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Parents & Campers Responsibility

Parent Responsibilities

Please feel free to give us your comments, input and ideas on how to make our summer camp better.  This will allow us to make the necessary changes in the program and to recognize staff members that are providing outstanding service to your children.

You are always welcome to visit camp.  We also encourage you to talk with our staff about the program and any needs or special successes your child is experiencing.

Children’s actions at camp often reflect problems they are experiencing at home (i.e. pet’s death, parents divorcing, fight with sibling, etc.).  If any such disruptive experience should occur, please inform the Director or counselor.  This will enable us to better meet the needs of your child.


Lost Articles

Label Everything!! This will minimize the opportunity for your child to lose an item at camp. We do provide lost and found at the Front Desk. At the end of camp all items unclaimed will be donated to charity. We are not financially responsible for children’s losses, but we will make every effort to locate the lost item. PLEASE CLEARLY LABEL ALL ITEMS.



The goal of the summer camps is for each child to have fun in a safe and positive environment while developing a sense of respect for others. The staff use positive methods of discipline that encourage self-control, self-esteem, and cooperation. We work with all campers to ensure a safe and enriching atmosphere. To achieve this, each camp has camp rules that need to be followed in order to maintain such an environment.

In instances where a child is having difficulties that could cause harm to self or others, we will, as much as the situation allows, remove that child from the group and resolve the difficulties in private. Safety of the child, of other campers, staff and public is our main concern. Our aim is to encourage self-control. Parents will be called to pick up their child if he/she is unable to regain control. If a child’s behavior is such that we must contact his or her parents regularly or the camper’s behavior becomes an issue of safety, we reserve the right to suspend and/or dismiss any child who is unable to conform to the rules and guidelines of the program.

Repeated violation of rules may lead to the following consequences:

            Strike 1 – Verbal warning/time out (time to calm down away from the group)

            Strike 2 – Note home/silent lunch or loss of activity

            Strike 3 – Note home/call parent or guardian/loss of field trip/silent lunch

            Strike 4 – Strike 3 plus conference with counselor, director and parent

            Strike 5 – Strike 4 plus expelled for the remainder of the week. No refund.

Strike 6 – Expelled from camp for the remainder of the summer. Refund only the remaining full weeks of camp you have paid for, minus 25%.