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The Pineville Police Department was created in the late 1930’s. For several years the department was a one-man operation. As time went on the Town’s population grew, and so did the police department. By the early 1990’s there were 13, sworn officers. The 1990’s brought enormous changes to Pineville. Over the last 20 years our police force has grown from 13 to 38 sworn officers, effectively tripling in number. 30 of these are uniformed officers; the remainder is comprised of detectives and members of the Command Staff. The Pineville Police Department services a major metropolitan area with a daytime population of over 60,000. Our patrol area includes a large mall, several schools, hundreds of retail businesses, a large industrial park, and numerous residential areas.

Our agency is comprised of several different units, including a K-9 team, a SWAT team, Vice and Narcotics, and a COPS (Community Oriented Policing Service) Team. COPS Team members spend most of their time on bikes or on an ATV to establish one-on-one relationships with Pineville citizens.