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June marks the end of the school year.  Pay extra attention while driving through town.  There will be more children out riding bicycles, playing, or walking in and around Pineville.


Small children and infants are more sensitive to heat, and this sensitivity causes their body temperature to increase three to five times faster than adults.  This, combined with temperature increases that occur inside a car when the temperature outside is as low as 70 degrees, can cause dangerous conditions for children in minutes.

Studies show that of the child deaths that occur in vehicles, more than a third of these were the result of a child accidentally left in a closed, parked vehicle by parents or caregivers, and another third were trapped while playing unattended in a vehicle.  Sadly, one in five children who died was intentionally left in the vehicle by an adult who ran a quick errand.

If you spot an unattended child left in a vehicle somewhere, please call 911 immediately.




The Pineville town-wide speed limit is 35 mph, unless otherwise noted.  The speed limit is 20 mph on Main Street.  The Pineville Police Department will be strictly enforcing these limits.  Be sure to observe the posted limits if you do not wish to receive a ticket.



Dial 911 for

Pineville Police
427 Main Street
Pineville, NC 28134


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