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Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Motorcyclists are much more vulnerable to crashes than other drivers.  Motorcycle safety is an issue of increasing concern - fatalities involving drivers and motorcyclists have increased by more than 131% in the last 15 years.  Drivers should share the road with motorcyclists, and be extra vigilant when they are nearby.  The following are some safety tips all drivers should observe when sharing the road with motorcyclists:

  • Passenger car drivers must allow greater following distance behind a motorcycle.
  • Drivers must show extra care in intersections.  Most crashes occur when a driver fails to see a motorcyclist and turns left in front of the motorcycle.
  • Drivers should never try to share a lane with a motorcycle.  Always give a motorcycle the full lane width.

Motorcyclists also have a responsibility when sharing the road with drivers.  Motorcyclists should:

  • Avoid riding in poor weather conditions.
  • Position their motorcycles to avoid a driver's blind spot.
  • Use turn signals for every turn or lane change.

Many crashes occur because motorcycles are hidden in a vehicle's blind spot.  Drivers should always make a visual check for motorcyclists by checking mirrors and blind spots before entering or leaving a lane of traffic.




Safe and timely disposal of unneeded prescription medications, especially 
opioids, has never been more important than it is today.

In addition to keeping these substances out of our water supply, safe disposal of unneeded medication helps to keep drugs out of the hands of people who might abuse them. 

Abuse of certain prescription medications, which has led many people into addiction and heroin use, has become a deadly epidemic across the United States. This opioid epidemic is the focus of a major initiative by Attorney General Josh Stein.

Even non-opioid drugs present dangers if kept in a household when they are no longer needed.  They can be ingested accidentally by children or visitors, mistaken for a use they are not intended, etc.  Bring any and all prescription medicine that you no longer need to the Police Department for safe destruction.

The Pineville Police Department has installed a permanent medicine drop box in the lobby of our Department.  There is access to this area 24/7.  Please feel free to bring in your medications and deposit them in the box.  It is a completely anonymous process and will not take you any time at all.





The Pineville Police Department hasa dedicated phone line that will allow community members  to report criminal activity anonymously.  These tips can be related to any kind of criminal activity, not just drug complaints.  You will not be required to provide your name or telephone number when reporting suspicious or criminal activity.  





According to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), a motor vehicle is broken into ever 45 seconds in the United States.  40 to 50% of these thefts are caused by owner error (leaving a car unlocked).  Whenever you vacate your car, whether it is to run into a store, drop by a friend's house, or park it at home for the night be sure to lock your car.





The Pineville town-wide speed limit is 35 mph, unless otherwise noted.  The speed limit is 20 mph on Main Street.  The Pineville Police Department will be strictly enforcing these limits.  Be sure to observe the posted limits if you do not wish to receive a ticket.



Dial 911 for

Pineville Police
427 Main Street
Pineville, NC 28134


Anonymous Tip Line:

704-889 TIPS (704-889-8477)