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Important Links

The NC Department of Transportation website link is below. The website is quite extensive with a lot of information. 


To report potholes or make a claim for property damage while traveling on a state road, please click on the link below:

Within the Town of Pineville, there are several state roads that are maintained by the NCDOT, not Pineville itself.  The town is not  authorized/responsible for making repairs to state-maintained roads. If you are traveling through Pineville on a state road and you hit a pothole that causes damage to your car, you can make a claim for damages from the NCDOT through the link above.  Some state roads in Pineville are listed below:

  • Main St. (NC51)
  • Dorman Rd.
  • Downs Rd. 
  • Carolina Place Pkwy. & Ext.
  • North & South Polk St./Lancaster Hwy.
  • Park Rd.
  • Sam Meeks Rd.


Pineville residents should contact Charlotte Water (311 or 704-336-7600) directly for any water /sewer related issues.