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The Pineville Public Works Department is responsible for many municipal services to the residences of Pineville.  To accomplish all that needs to get done, the department is broken down into five divisions:  Storm Water / Street Maintenance / Agriculture / Building Maintenance / Vehicles Maintenance.

 Storm Water – Is responsible for improving water quality by enforcing clean water regulations as well as control the runoff from rainfall to help reduce flood risks.    Storm Water services are provided out of fees collected by Mecklenburg County. Fees are based on which city/town you live in, how much impervious surface your property has and how much it costs to manage or enforce water quality regulations, enhance water resources and prevent water pollution.   To obtain information regarding activities undertaken to protect and restore water quality in our storm sewer systems, creeks, lakes, including volunteer opportunities, please visit their website at:

In addition, the Town of Pineville partners with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services (CMSWS) to help protect the water quality of the streams and lakes in and near our town.  CMSWS has many volunteer programs available.  One such program, Storm Drain Marking,  involves volunteers marking storm drains so that residents are aware that only rain water should go down the drain and to call 3-1-1 to report any pollution issues. Residents can request that a storm drain marking kit be mailed to them.  It includes all the necessary items to mark the drains, along with a safety vest and gloves.  Volunteers are needed to mark the many drains in our area. Please consider volunteering. Your participation in this program would be so appreciated and will help to keep our waterways clean. Please visit the CMSWS website above, or email Deania Russo at [email protected] for more information. 

Street Maintenance – In 2011 the Town used an outside contractor to examine and rank the condition of all town-maintained streets within the town limits.  Each year, as money allows, streets are selected to be milled and resurfaced based on their condition.  Some of the money to pave and make repairs comes from the Powell Bill Fund (N.C.G. S 136-41.3), paid twice a year by the North Carolina State Treasury.  Additional money is then added by the Town to determine the full amount of paving funds to be spent for the next physical year.  Not all streets are maintained by the Town. Some are private roads while others are state-maintained. You can call Town Hall or the Public Works Department for a complete listing of streets or to determine which jurisdiction is responsible for maintaining the road. 

Agriculture - Is responsible for the maintenance of all land owned by the Town.  This consists of cutting grass, fertilizing, pruning, spraying, planting and the removal of damaged or dead trees, as well as assisting in storm clean up and snow removal.

Vehicle Maintenance – This department is responsible for the maintenance on all town-owned vehicles, trucks and the many different pieces of heavy and light equipment used throughout Town.

Building Maintenance – Is responsible for all maintenance on the Pineville Police Building, Town Hall, the Pineville Fire Department Building, the Telephone and Electric Companies and the Pineville Public Works Building.

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Chip Hill, Public Works Director
[email protected]