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Police Chief Michael Hudgins

Chief Michael Hudgins

Police Chief Michael Hudgins was sworn into office in January 2021, coming to us from Newport News, Virginia Police Department.  In Newport News, Chief Hudgins served his department for over 25 years, working hard through the rank and file, ultimately serving as an assistant chief of police.  He earned his bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and master’s degree in public administration, both from Old Dominion University.  In addition, Chief Hudgins received his graduate certificate in local government management from Virginia Tech University.

Chief Hudgins’ core fundamentals consist of developing and implementing strategic management plans, problem-solving policing, department transparency and accountability, and involvement with every member of the community.

The men and women of the Pineville Police Department are honored to serve under Chief Hudgins’ leadership.

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About Pineville Police Department

Team & History

Our agency is comprised of several different units, including a K-9 team, a SWAT team, Vice and Narcotics, and a COPS (Community Oriented Policing Service) Team. COPS Team members spend most of their time on bikes or on an ATV to establish one-on-one relationships with Pineville citizens.

The Pineville Police Department was created in the late 1930’s. For several years the department was a one-man operation. As time went on the Town’s population grew, and so did the police department. By the early 1990’s there were 13, sworn officers. The 1990’s brought enormous changes to Pineville. Over the last 20 years our police force has grown from 13 to 38 sworn officers, effectively tripling in number. 30 of these are uniformed officers; the remainder is comprised of detectives and members of the Command Staff. The Pineville Police Department services a major metropolitan area with a daytime population of over 60,000. Our patrol area includes a large mall, several schools, hundreds of retail businesses, a large industrial park, and numerous residential areas.


Police administration focuses on the performance of management duties and practices within the police department and the implementation of policies and programs related to crime, disorder and public safety. Because we police in a free society, it is important that we remain aware of the social, legal and political frameworks in which we operate. In the pursuit of efficiency and effectiveness, we must abide by a variety of legal and ethical constraints and remain accountable for our actions and decisions.

The purpose of police administration is to guide and support all police personnel in the performance of their operational duties. The Command Staff of the police department is comprised of a chief of police, and three lieutenants. The Chief of Police is the executive officer for the agency. The Lieutenants report directly to the Chief.  The Administrative Lieutenant is responsible for criminal investigations, all support, and field operations. The Patrol Lieutenants are responsible for all field operations related to the patrol division, including the COPS and Traffic Teams.

Helpful Tips

Town Speed Limit: 35

The Pineville town-wide speed limit is 35 mph, unless otherwise noted. The speed limit is 20 mph on Main Street. The Pineville Police Department will be strictly enforcing these limits. Be sure to observe the posted limits if you do not wish to receive a ticket.


The Pineville Police Department has a dedicated phone line that will allow community members  to report criminal activity anonymously. These tips can be related to any kind of criminal activity, not just drug complaints. You will not be required to provide your name or telephone number when reporting suspicious or criminal activity.

Speedlimit Thirtyfive Sign

Looking for a rewarding career?

Our department is always looking for good people who want to serve their community.  If you have interest in becoming a police officer or 911 telecommunicator, we what to hear from you!

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Dispose of Unneeded Medications

Safe and timely disposal of unneeded prescription medications, especially opioids, has never been more important than it is today.

In addition to keeping these substances out of our water supply, safe disposal of unneeded medication helps to keep drugs out of the hands of people who might abuse them.

Abuse of certain prescription medications, which has led many people into addiction and heroin use, has become a deadly epidemic across the United States. This opioid epidemic is the focus of a major initiative by Attorney General Josh Stein.

Even non-opioid drugs present dangers if kept in a household when they are no longer needed. They can be ingested accidentally by children or visitors, mistaken for a use they are not intended, etc. Bring any and all prescription medicine that you no longer need to the Police Department for safe destruction.

The Pineville Police Department has installed a permanent medicine drop box in the lobby of our Department. There is access to this area 24/7. Please feel free to bring in your medications and deposit them in the box. It is a completely anonymous process and will not take you any time at all.

Medication Disposal

Below is the Safe Outcomes Enrollment Form.  Please download a copy of it, fill it out and email to:  [email protected]

Safe Outcomes Form (003)