Public Works

Public Works

The Pineville Public Works Department is responsible for many municipal services to the residences of Pineville.  To accomplish all that needs to get done, the department is broken down into five divisions:  Storm Water / Street Maintenance / Agriculture / Building Maintenance / Vehicles Maintenance.

Storm Water

Responsible for improving water quality by enforcing clean water regulations as well as control the runoff from rainfall to help reduce flood risks.    Storm Water services are provided out of fees collected by Mecklenburg County. Fees are based on which city/town you live in, how much impervious surface your property has and how much it costs to manage or enforce water quality regulations, enhance water resources and prevent water pollution.  For questions or further information regarding storm water, please visit:

Street Maintenance

In 2011 the Town used an outside contractor to examine and rank the condition of all town-maintained streets within the town limits.  Each year, as money allows, streets are selected to be milled and resurfaced based on their condition.  Some of the money to pave and make repairs comes from the Powell Bill Fund (N.C.G. S 136-41.3), paid twice a year by the North Carolina State Treasury.  Additional money is then added by the Town to determine the full amount of paving funds to be spent for the next physical year.  Not all streets are maintained by the Town. Some are private roads while others are state-maintained. You can call Town Hall or the Public Works Department for a complete listing of streets or to determine which jurisdiction is responsible for maintaining the road.


Responsible for the maintenance of all land owned by the Town.  This consists of cutting grass, fertilizing, pruning, spraying, planting and the removal of damaged or dead trees, as well as assisting in storm clean up and snow removal.

Vehicle Maintenance

This department is responsible for the maintenance on all town-owned vehicles, trucks and the many different pieces of heavy and light equipment used throughout Town.

Building Maintenance

Responsible for all maintenance on the Pineville Police Building, Town Hall, the Pineville Fire Department Building, the Telephone and Electric Companies and the Pineville Public Works Building.

Garbage & Recycling Collection


As of 7/1/19, the Town of Pineville has contracted with Waste Pro for residential solid waste removal.  Residential customers should have received two new carts from Waste Pro:

  •   Green cart for trash
  •   Blue cart for recycle

The town pays for two carts for each household. Residents can request additional carts from Waste Pro at their own expense. The contract with Waste Pro was designed to match much of the items that were in Signature Waste’s contract to make the transition as smooth as possible:

  • Pickup day remains the same; trash/yard debris picked up each Wednesday and Recycle picked up every other Wednesday (except some holidays).  All trash must be bagged and placed in the roll out container.
  • Yard debris picked up on Wednesday; piles of branches/brush should be kept small, cut up and stacked neatly at the curb. If a resident contracts with someone to cut/trim bushes, trees and other yard work, the contractor is responsible for removing the debris that they generate. Grass clippings/leaves should be bagged and labeled so the driver is aware of what is in the bag.
  • Bulky items must be scheduled with Waste Pro. If your trash exceeds the size of your cart, you should call this in as well.
  • Absolutely no construction debris can be picked up.

Some items are banned from landfills which waste providers are prohibited from collecting. The following is a list of the items that cannot be picked up:

  • Construction debris
  • TV’s, Computers & related Electronic Equipment
  • Tires, Paint, all Batteries
  • Automotive Fluids
  • Pool Chemicals
  • Florescent Bulbs & Tubes

These items can be taken directly to the Fox Hole Recycling Center located just a few miles away at 17131 Lancaster Hwy. Information Hotline for Solid Waste:  (980) 314-3867 or email to:  [email protected]

The above rules are no different than what was in the contract for Signature Waste.  What is different, is that the town recently enacted stronger regulations regarding trash in an effort to keep the town looking nice. The previous trash ordinance was very vague. The new one is more specific and spells out exactly how much yard waste is permitted per pickup and the size and length of tree limbs that will be picked up. It also spells out where and when to place your trash carts out at the curb. Additionally, it provides for a monetary penalty for anyone that does not abide by the regulations.

In today’s environment, trash is becoming more and more regulated so it is necessary to limit the size of what can be picked up as well as what items can be picked up. What may have been permitted previously may not be permitted now and new regulations come to us from the state and county on a regular basis. Therefore, it was necessary to redefine our trash regulations.

Important contacts, links and other information regarding trash/recycling:

Waste Pro – call to set up new service, to schedule a bulk pickup or report missed pickups or other related issues: 980-255-3800

Please Note: Some subdivisions near Pineville have Pineville addresses but are not technically within the town’s boundaries. These subdivisions are located in an unincorporated area of Mecklenburg County and are not entitled to garbage service through the Town of Pineville. If your trash service isn’t provided through an HOA, you will need to contract separately with a waste provider of your choice for your trash services. If you are located in any of the subdivisions listed below, please do not use the links below or your request for service will be deleted from the system:

  • Cardinal Woods
  • Danby
  • Woodside Falls
  • Winghurst
  • Bridlestone

If you are unsure, please click HERE and check the map

Pineville residents can also use the following links to Waste Pro’s Trac EZ system to report any trash/recycling issues:

For Complaints:

For Compliments:

For Requests:

  • To view other information regarding waste collection, please click HERE.
  • To view the Town Ordinance regarding Trash/Recycling, please click HERE

Following is the link to the Mecklenburg County Solid Waste Services Department. There is a lot of good information available on this site so please check it out:  Mecklenburg County Solid Waste

Procedures, Regulations, Permits & Other Important Documents


Current Projects

Pineville Fountain Presentation

Pineville Fountain Info

Johnston Drive Alignment Project 42524

Sidewalks On South Side Of Hwy 51 42424

Industrial Drive Paving 42424

Occupant Letter

Until the 8″ tie-in is complete, the line stop must stay installed, with the height of the Device above the Pavement grade. Until the line stop is removed, the southern lane of Main St/NC-51 will have to remain closed. The closure is situated between the intersection of NC-51 & Johnston Rd, terminating at the parking lot entrance to “the back shops” situated on main Street.

The line stop should be removed Monday, June 3rd, assuming all work proceeds as planned; then the lane will be opened and return to the regular closing schedule of 9AM-4PM As needed.